Ah, chicken! Everybody loves chicken, especially the all-time favourite drumsticks and the close-second chicken wings which are perfect for buffalo-style recipes. If you’re into white meat, look no further than the breast and thighs—a healthful choice for people with strict dietary needs. Being one of the most flexible meats in the kitchen, chicken is extremely versatile and can be cooked in so many ways.

So, when you are in the mood for some chicken, there’s only one place in mind: Fresh Options Meatshop. Featuring only the best home-grown chickens from company-owned farms and dressed in AAA-accredited dressing plants, Fresh Options chickens are processed under strict compliance to ensure freshness and safety. Fresh-chilled and never frozen, Fresh Options chicken are delivered daily to Fresh Options Meatshop branches in Central Luzon and Metro Manila. Whether grilled, fried, roasted, or whatever way it is cooked, Fresh Options assures quality chicken meat fit for the palate.

  • whole chicken
  • chicken breast
  • chicken lollipop
  • chicken neck
  • chicken quarter leg
  • chicken thigh
  • chicken wings
  • drumstick
  • leg fillet
  • premium legs
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  • soup pack
  • tenderloin
  • thigh fillet


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