What Customers can Expect from Fresh Options Meatshop

Fresh Chilled:

Not frozen, Always Fresh Stocks!
So what’s the difference between a fresh-chilled meat and a frozen one? At Fresh Options, we only chill our meat products to lock in the freshness and to keep them free from harmful contaminants. On the other hand, frozen products are meant to mainly preserve the product–typical of meats that are imported abroad.

Ready and wide selection of products:

Fresh, marinated, ready to cook and processed meats
Along with our chicken, pork, beef and fish product lines, we also have Value Added products that are easy to prepare and ready to cook. So everything you need when it comes to safe and fresh meats is under one roof with Fresh Options.

Everyday delivery:

Daily production and distribution
From our farms, we deliver our meats and Value Added products to our meat shops within the same day. We also have a ‘First-In, First-Out’ system in our meat shops where the products that are delivered first are the ones we sell first. And we pull out the unsold meats from our stores the same day they are delivered, save for our Value Added product line. These steps help ensure that you get only the safest meats around.


NMIS accredited processes and facilities operated by qualified veterinarians and technical staff
We care about your safety. And because of that, we take every possible measure to keep our meats safe to eat.First, our in-house team of veterinarians and technical personnel regularly check our animals to ensure they are healthy as they grow.

We also prepare our products in establishments accredited by the National Meat Inspection Service. That means we prepare our meats under the strictest sanitary conditions so they’re clean and safe to eat.

Aside from that, we also have quality control personnel who oversee the entire process of slaughtering, dressing, deboning and further processing. They make sure that our meats are always free from contamination.

Finally, we routinely test our products for the following: the presence of harmful bacteria such as Salmonella, fat and moisture levels, shelf-life stability of our Value Added Products, and the presence of antibiotic residues.

We do all these to fulfill our promise of giving you safe and fresh meats–not the ‘double dead’ or ‘botcha’ variety of meats sold in some public markets.


Integrated supply chain from company-owned and operated farms to our stores
We grow our products in our own farms and only give them feeds that we develop in our own feed mills. This level of control over our production helps us ensure that we give you only the safest and the freshest meats.

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